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About Us

  • To be one of the leading nationally owned general Insurance company
    in Papua New Guinea, under the guidance 
    of the One  Almighty God.


  • To deliver fast, quality and excellent insurance service beyond our clients’ expectations.

  • To provide a reasonable return of  investment to our shareholders.

Our team is built with a strong desire and commitment to provide on-going professionalism in order to deliver outstanding services. We aim to provide comprehensive and reliable expertise that is tailored to suit our clients’ particular requirements.

We intend to help our clients understand the nature and extent of their risks and offer suitable options to help them. Our background experience and understanding of the insurance industry demonstrates our well-established relations with all industry stakeholders.

In pursuit of the vision, we are committed to providing excellent quality services to our customers through our existing enterprise, aiming to satisfy the needs of our customers and gain their confidence and good will over time.


We will conduct our business at all times with respect and integrity and ensure organic growth through quality of service.  We shall therefore provide our management and employees with the necessary work skills and training, thereby creating a working environment that fosters teamwork, skills development, growth and pride in our organization.

We are looking forward to becoming one of the premier insurance Companies in Papua New Guinea in the years to come.  

In our Vision to become a leading insurance company, it is our intention to build a solid foundation that creates employment and training opportunities for our employees which would help them become top quality workers and which then would ultimately lead us to our goals. 

With the company’s top notch practices, we envision ourselves becoming an organization of notable professionals.

RELIABILITY - We shall strive for consistently good quality performance, thereby earning our clients’ trust.

COMMITMENT TO EMPLOYEES & CUSTOMERS - Our company is a place that motivates employees to be the best they can be.  

We shall also take care of clients by understanding and anticipating their needs.

Vision & Mission Statement

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